Collect – Hit

Brussel   Belgium

October 03- 2021


Verzamelaars Jaarbeurs Utrecht

( November 13 & 14, 2021 )

Planet Toys

International toy fair – Belgium


( November 28 – 2021 )


( 2021 )

Tin – Diecast Animals & Dolls

Tin Toy Repair

Reparatie van antiek blikken speelgoed

Den Haag

On-line resource on vintage tin toys

Online community
for toy and model collectors

Impressive collection in Italy


Specializing in 19’th century paper toys, wooden children’s games

Toys and folk art

American Jazz Antiques Toys

Alan Green

a  friend from New York, USA


Antique  Toy  World

Toy shop in  Australia

Antiques directory from France

Antiek Speelgoed

Bekijk diverse verzamelingen

Collectible Detective

The largest vintage & antique directory on the web

Over 6,000 links to antique dealers, appraisers, collectors etc.

Collector of Schuco Varianto
from The Netherlands


Collector of german & italian
penny toy cars & motorcycles

Toy shop in Denmark, Copenhagen

Dolls & tin toys

Antique toys and dolls from Denmark